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version 23.1.1 (01/08/2023)

  • The possibility to change the order of already entered headers by dragging and dropping has been added to the Panel editing. When you change the order of the header in the Panel, the order of the output item definitions in all Event-Answer records in this Panel is automatically changed.
  • Completion of missing localization – “Select a field” text in Panel editing.
  • Addition of the option not to have headers in the Panel. Just don’t fill in the label for all headers.
  • Minor fix in setting up synchronization of racers with Google spreadsheet in race definition. Erroneously offered the 2nd-4th chip information for synchronization, even though it was not set to be used in that race.
  • Adding a limit on the number of addresses to the BCC for sending emails via SMTP and GMail. If the number exceeds the limit (default is 50), multiple emails will be sent (with the same recipients in TO and CC).
  • Adding a possible header to the Message Panel.
  • It is now also possible to send a manually entered text message to the Message Panel – the function is available in the Panels agenda.