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RaceMeter device
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Connected to mat antenna
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With mat antenna at start/finish
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More devices
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Duathlon with classic antennas
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Antenna and chip in number
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Image slide 8
Chip in race number
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Race number and water resistant chip
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Welcome to the Racemeter homepage.

If you organize any races (running, cycling or even combined duathlon, triathlon, aquatlon) and you would like to measure it professionally without the help of an agency, then you are right on our website.

We organize the races ourselves and we have developed the equipment we use for this (see our story).

We offer solutions using passive UHF RFID chip technology. More about how it works here. The core of our solution is an autonomously functioning device that only connects to the antennas. We manufacture this device ourselves and create software for it. We can recommend and provide other components necessary for measuring races (antennas, chips). More in the products section.

In addition to passive RFID technology, which has its limits in the maximum speed at which it can record a chip and the number of simultaneous chips it can record, it is now possible to connect an external active RFID chip reader, the YR9700 from Invelion, to the RaceMeter. The external reader can be connected via LAN cable or serial port via USB connector. Currently, a RaceMeter variant with active RFID technology is also available.

Do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to show you everything in person.

For a quick introduction to the RaceMeter device, here is a video: