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Chips and race numbers

The RaceMeter can detect the presence of various passive UHF RFID chips. Thanks to our own use and testing, we offer the following chips/race numbers:

Triathlon chip
A waterproof chip with a neoprene strap that can be worn on the wrist or ankle. Suitable in combination with standing antennas for measuring triathlon and duathlon races.
~61 Kč
Two chips (with the same EPC) per race number
We recommend placing this pair of chips on the start number. In combination with a mat antenna, it is a suitable solution for running races.
~11 Kč
Disposable A5 race number with two chips (identical EPC)
The material is a non-woven fabric that is tear and water resistant and allows easy printing in a laser printer. We can make these race numbers for you, or you can do it yourself.
~20 Kč
Reusable number A5 on a bike with a chip
It is a double-foiled race number with a chip. We recommend them together with standing antennas for measuring cycling races, or cycling sections of duathlons and triathlons.
~25 Kč

It is certainly possible to use other UHF RFID chips, but it is good to try it first. E.g. the combination of a triathlon chip with a mat antenna is not suitable.

We also have some experience with UHF RFID chips that are designed for mounting on a metal surface. In the case of cycling races (including MTBs), however, it rather recommends placing the chip in the race number in front of the handlebars.