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RaceMeter device

RaceMeter is a stand-alone device that, after connecting the antennas, can (without a connected computer) record the occurrence of an RFID chip near the antenna and then create the results of races from these records. (External antennas needed to measure race, due to the variability of solutions are not a direct part of this product – but we have them on offer). Thanks to the lithium polymer batteries that are part of it, it can work (without connecting a charger) for almost 8 hours.

The device is in a high-quality, durable plastic case from the American brand Seahorse.

It is possible to connect to the device via wifi or RJ45 cable. All administration of device (races, competitors, chips) is available in the form of website (web application). The application is designed to work on mobile phones and tablets too. Currently, the application can communicate in five languages ​​(Czech, Slovak, English, German and Polish).

It is possible to update the system on the device after connecting to the Internet (but not necessary for measuring races). We add new features and functions regularly (free of charge).

What’s inside the device:

  • four-port RFID module – it then connects to antennas that “detect” chips
  • small single-board computer Raspberry Pi, which takes care of storing detected chips (with timestamp) in a database and runs a web server for system administration (chip registration, race definition, registration of competitors and evaluation of race results)
  • wifi router – to which an internal Raspberry Pi computer is connected and which allows the connection of external devices (computer, tablet, mobile phone) for management and display of results, as well as connection to an external network (eg to the Internet) WAN
  • display – in addition to the actual time, it also shows some important information (system load, internet connection status, information about loaded chips, information about scheduled starts, …)
  • three-cell lithium polymer battery with a total capacity of 12Ah at 12V
  • rechargeable electronics to ensure proper battery charging
  • battery status indicator
  • a small RFID antenna that allows you to register chips without having to connect a large antenna

What is not inside, but is part of the device:

  • external 12V adapter – charger

An integral part of the device is the already mentioned software, which allows complete device management, administration of chips, races and competitors, as well as evaluation of results.

What the web app on the RaceMeter can do:

  • Register chips – simply upload the internal chip numbers to the system and assign them your own numeric identification, making it easier to work with.
  • Export and import chip lists.
  • Inventory chips – easily and quickly find out if any (reused) chips are missing.
  • Define races – set race parameters and planned start and end times, including parameters of individual measured sections.
  • Enter competitors – either individually or in the form of an Excel spreadsheet using Crtl+C and Crl+V.
  • Each competitor can be assigned multiple chips + special chip support for bikes, etc.
  • Print (including your own graphics) race numbers or other reports.
  • Start the race – using the button on the device or using a web page displayed on a mobile phone, for example.
  • Follow information about recorded chips (in the form of race numbers with competitors’ names).
  • Follow the results of the ongoing race – online (even grouped by category or gender).
  • The system records information about all recorded chips, so it is not necessary to have competitors with information about their chips entered before the start of the race.
  • Email race results to competitors.
  • Export race results in various formats (.pdf, .xls, .html, .csv).
  • Manually create a chip entry for a specific competitor in case of an error.
  • Close the race and possibly delete the records of chip passes.
  • Manage users and their access to this system.
  • Define your own reports for each agenda.
  • Update this system from the Internet.
  • Connect multiple RaceMeter devices into one unit.

What types of races can RaceMeter measure:

  • Multi-section races with mass starts. E.g. single or multi-round runs, duathlons, triathlons, …
  • Races with individual starts. The start time of each competitor is determined by the record of his chip(s).
  • We are happy to implement other types of races into the system based on requirements.
4-ports device RaceMeter
It includes a RaceMeter device (HW and SW) with the possibility of connecting up to 4 antennas, a charging adapter and a short cable for connecting an internal antenna (used to register chips before races).
35 000 Kč **
8-ports device RaceMeter
It includes a RaceMeter device (HW and SW) with the possibility of connecting up to 8 antennas, a charging adapter and a short cable for connecting an internal antenna (used to register chips before races).
40 000 Kč **
** Unfortunately, thanks to speculators, there has been a significant increase in the price (and unavailability) of the Raspberry Pi single board computers I use in RaceMeter. Therefore, I had to increase the price of the device as well. Another reason is that we have become VAT payers starting from 1.4.2023.