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Antennas and cables

Any RFID UHF antenna can be connected to the RaceMeter device. After several years of use, we have verified the following:

9dbi Standing Antenna
Cheaper antenna – we recommend, for example, in the case of triathlons and duathlons (along with triathlon chips and possibly also bike chips) when the measured space is not too wide (about 3m). Alternatively, it can be combined with 12dbi antennas. Use two 12dbi and two 9dbi. Conversely, for narrow measuring areas (eg entrance to the depot) only 2 of these antennas are enough.
~ 2 000 Kč **
12dbi Standing Antenna
More expensive antenna – same use as a 9dBi antenna but also for a wider measured space – (up to 6m).
~ 4 000 Kč **
Mat antenna (length 2m) contains 2 antennas
Cheaper option for a narrower measured space. Recommended for cross-country races (along with one-off numbers with two chips). Can be combined with a pair of standing antennas.
~ 12 000 Kč **
Mat antenna (length 4m) contains 4 antennas
More expensive variant – suitable for a wider measured space. As with the previous variant, we recommend it for running races (along with one-off numbers with two chips). The advantage is its compactness and quick installation.
~ 24 000 Kč **
** Prices are approximate only. I can’t afford to buy larger quantities of antennas in advance, so if the antennas are not available, I either have to make a current inquiry and order them or provide you with contact and information so you can order the antennas yourself.

The RaceMeter uses RP-TNC Female connectors to connect the antennas. The standing antennas we supply have an N Female connector.

In the case of standing antennas, it is possible to supply cables in lengths of 5-15m (RP-TNC Male – N Male).

In the case of a mat antenna, the cables with the RP-TNC Male termination are directly part of it and the visible cable is about 1m long.
Of course, you can also choose other antennas – and if you want, we will be happy to consult with you. However, we have tested the above antennas and can supply them at reasonable prices.