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What’s in the RaceMeter?

  • The core of the device is the so-called RFID module. It is connected to antennas that “detect” chips.
  • The Raspberry Pi communicates with the RFID module – a small single-board computer that takes care of storing detected chips (with a time stamp) in a database. Furthermore, with the help of this minicomputer, on which the web server runs, the entire administration of the system is solved – chip registration, race definition, registration of competitors and evaluation of race results.
  • WiFi router, to which the Raspberry Pi is connected and which allows the connection of external devices (computer, tablet, mobile phone) to the system and thus its management, or displaying results. In addition to the wifi connection, it also allows a wired LAN connection and a connection to an external network (eg to the Internet) WAN.
  • A display that shows some important information in addition to time (system load, Internet connection status, information about loaded chips, information about scheduled startup, …).
  • Three-cell lithium polymer battery with a total capacity of 12Ah at 12V.
  • Rechargeable electronics that take care of the correct charging of the battery.
  • Battery status indicator.
  • A small RFID antenna that allows you to register chips without having to connect a large antenna.
  • External 12V adapter.

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