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What is the vehicle chip for and how do I use it?

The basic reason for adding support for the so-called vehicle chip was as follows:
While timing triathlons and duathlons, I occasionally found that the antennas did not detect the triathlon chip that the athlete was wearing on his ankle when passing through the bike gate. I think this may have been due to a combination of higher speed and poor placement (shielding) of the chip. To prevent this potential error in the future, I have added support for the vehicle chip to the system. This is an additional chip that is assigned to each competitor. In real life, the chip can then be placed on the bike together with the number on the bovdens on the handlebars or as a flag on the saddlebag (or otherwise).
However, as the bike may be in the depot within range of the measuring antennas, and these (unwanted) chip records could negatively affect the outcome of the race, it was still necessary to add information to the system as to when to use the chip record from the bike (vehicle) and when not to.

So you can set in the race definition whether vehicle chips are used at all in a given race.
You can also set for each race segment (in the race definition) whether the vehicle chip record is considered as the end of the segment. So, for example, in the depot section when the racer changes from swim to bike, the bike (vehicle) chip is used because the racer leaves the depot with the bike. But in the case of the second depot, when the competitor prepares for the final run, the bike (vehicle) chip is not used because the competitor leaves the depot without a bike.

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