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What does the RaceMeter look like? (Description of individual controls)

A Button to turn the system on and off
– just press briefly to turn on
– you need to hold at least 2 seconds to turn it off
B WiFi router switch
WiFi router can be turned on separately (without the device turned on)
C RFID module switch
– can be turned on only when the device is running
– when the RFID module is turned on, information about scanned chips is stored in the database
D START button
– used to record the start time in the database (in the list of starts)
– if a race is planned for a given time, this time is also saved as the actual start time of the race
E USB connectors
– used to connect a keyboard, mouse and external storage
F HDMI connector
– used to connect a monitor if necessary
G Display
– shows some important information about the system (current time, system load, internet connection status, information about loaded chips, information about scheduled start, …)
H Connectors for connecting RFID antennas
– this is a type of RP-TNC
I LAN connector
– RJ45 type connector enabling connection (eg from a computer) to the device
J WAN connector
– RJ45 type connector with which it is possible to connect the device to an external network (eg to the Internet
K Power supply
– 12V power/charging connector
L Battery status indicator
M Battery status indicator button
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