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What activities are performed when measuring a race?

  1. The chips you will use in the race(s) need to be registered to the RaceMeter. For this purpose, there is a “Register” function in the Chips agenda. If you use reusable chips, you only need to do it once.
  2. You need to design a race topology and define a race accordingly.
  3. Competitors must be entered for the race. In addition to the standard option of entering competitors one by one, there is also the option to take data from some already created table of competitors (MS-Excel, LibreOffice, Google documents, …) and just use Crlt+C and Ctrl+V to copy the entire table content. The system will take care of the control and creation of the competitors itself. For each competitor, in addition to his start number, the chip number (or more chips) must be provided. This is the only way to process the results.
  4. You need to run the RFID module (with the antennas connected) for the system to start recording chips, including the time stamp.
  5. You need to start the race (by pressing the START button or using the website), or you can manually add the start time to the race.
  6. It is then possible to view the results of the ongoing race. The data is updated continuously.
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