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version 23.3.1 (03/14/2023)

  • Fix in Polish localization. Editing panel page was not working.
  • Fix in tables in agendas. Numeric item was incorrectly sorted if user chose to sort in descending order.
  • Minor fix in the function that generates the result of a race. The lap count item was not being created as an integer.
  • New ‘Any log’ and ‘Finished’ columns are now also available in the definable panels.
  • Significant change in the way the RFID module is communicated with. Previously, an inventory of all antennas was taken every 2 seconds and based on the returned information (i.e. which antennas are not connected), only the connected antennas were repeatedly inventoried all the time. I have found that for some (especially new) RFID modules, the inventory time is very long (even 2.5 seconds) if it is done against unconnected antennas. Then the quick inventory of only connected antennas was called only 1x instead of about 15 times. Therefore, I fixed this process so that the determination of the antennas status (i.e. which antenna is connected) is done only once when the RFID module is switched on. Therefore, if another antenna needs to be connected during operation, the RFID module needs to be turned off and on to update the connected antennas information. An even better solution is to first turn off the RFID module, then connect the antenna and finally turn on the RFID module.
  • Upgrade Boostrap from version 4.4.0 to version 4.6.2.
  • Adding the ability to get the whole race results as JSON to the API.
  • Fixed a bug in Panels. In the case where the distance was displayed, a javascript error occurred and it did not display the event in the panel.
  • Fix in editing a segment in race editing. In the case of editing from the tablet, it was not possible to edit some items. This was caused by the keyboard being displayed on the screen and taking up some area, which then caused the grid to resize, which terminated the editor of the current cell.
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