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version 22.9.1 (09/04/2022)

  • Fixed a bug – editing the duration in the form ‘Adding new racer chiplog’ in case the decimal part was entered and a decimal point was used (in Czech localization) reported an error and did not allow to save it. Also the duration editor highlighting did not work correctly if the value entered was not valid. Again there was a problem with the decimal point.
  • The ‘Adding new racer chiplog’ form now opens in a separate window. This form can be called from both the ‘Racers’ agenda and the displayed race results table. Previously the form was opened in the same browser tab. The problem occurred mainly when calling it from the race result, when due to the fact that the page with the race result was no longer displayed, the channel for receiving messages (about changes in the result of the given race) was interrupted and when returning back it did not update the race results – it was then necessary to refresh the whole page.
  • Fix in the Refresh function in the race results. Now (in case it is found that the communication channel has been interrupted) the whole page will be refreshed.
  • The race result table now includes hidden columns (can be made visible) that contain racers chip numbers and codes.
  • Slight speed up in creating the results table – the list of racers is loaded from the database only once, along with the chip information.
  • Fixed an occasional bug – the results sometimes didn’t add up the values in the Index column.
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