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version 22.8.2 (08/16/2022)

  • Addition of another type of start – Individual starts. It can be used in cases where the starts of individual racers are known in advance – they are at a precisely determined time. If this new start type is set in the race definition, the Start Time column will appear in the Racer editing for that race. It can be filled in manually, copied in from a spreadsheet, or have this time bulk filled in for selected or all entered racers. The exact start date and time for each racer is then calculated by taking the ‘common’ start date and time and replacing the time data with the individual racer’s start time. In the event that a racer (in a race with this type of start) does not have a Start time set, the common start time will remain the start time for that racer. Thus, it can be seen that this type of start can also solve the situation of a racer/racers with a delayed start compared to everyone else. Just switch the start type and fill in the start time for the delayed racers.
  • Fixed a bug in the date, time and duration editors. Very often it was not possible to use the Right Arrow and Left Arrow keys to move the cursor. In addition, it is also possible to use the cursor keys in the displayed window (menu).
  • Elements for entering and displaying the date, time and duration, if they also allow the entry of fractions of a second, now use the character that is valid for that location to display the decimal point. Thus, for example, for the cs localization it is the character ‘,’, whereas for the en localization it is the character ‘.’.
  • The race start page has been modified to correctly inform about the launching of racers into the race also in case of the new start type – Individual starts. In addition, the page will also play a sound signal at the start of each racer.
  • Addition of missing text localization in the Print/Export dialog.
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