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version 22.5.6 (05/18/2022)

  • The Entries page now allows you to view the entries as a list of the racers in the race, with recorded times (or duration since the start of the race) and sorted by the time of the first entry for each racer. With this view, it is easy to check, for example, the presence of racers and the functioning of their chips before the start of the race. The page allows you to switch between two modes. The first mode is the original one – the entries are displayed as racers’ cards. The second mode is the list view. In both modes it is possible to clear the displayed results and view new chip entries. In both modes you can choose whether to display absolute time or duration since race start. In list mode, the displayed table can be exported/printed.
  • The Race Results and Entries pages have been slightly modified – the race name and time are now left aligned.
  • On the Race Start page, it is now possible to export/print the table with the list of racers.
  • Fixed an error that sometimes occurred when displaying closed race results when grouping (e.g. via the Category field). Occasionally, the order numbers (displayed in the first column) were miscounted.
  • Improved the behaviour of the spreadsheet editor used to edit racers and to edit race segment definitions. When using devices that support touch (tablet, mobile, …), it was not possible to scroll the table or use two fingers to adjust the size.
  • An auto-edit mode switch has been added to the Edit Racers page. If the switch is enabled, just one click on a cell and the editor of that cell is displayed directly.
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