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version 22.5.3 (05/09/2022)

  • Adding the possibility of printing HTML report (i.e. printing according to your own definition) to the Message Queue agenda.
  • Fixed error in speed (km/h) calculation in case it was a race with cycles.
  • In case of a race with cycles, now also those racers who do not have the same number of laps as the winner (in case of unspecified number of cycles) will not fill in the optional column gap time from the winner.
  • Chips registration – added automatic saving of the intensity setting for future use + added description of the meaning of the intensity setting.
  • HTML report definitions added.
  • Set upload limit to 75MB (to allow larger database files to be uploaded to the device).
  • Reduced line spacing in edit forms.
  • If absolute time (in sections) is displayed in the results, the time is now used without time zone information – so that when displaying in other time zones, a different time is not displayed (this used to occur, for example, when using TorBrowser, which always has a time zone set to zero).
  • When calculating the duration in the results, if a given time period lasted through the daylight saving/winter time change, the duration was calculated incorrectly – fixed. The same error was also present in the case of total time.
  • Added the ability to also set an image for the footer to the .pdf export.
  • Improvements in API – so that in case of retrieving data using $tabledata method there is no need to send redundant parameters (search and order).
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