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version 22.4.3 (04/19/2022)

  • Fixed minor bug in export to xlsx. If there were any racers with a status other than OK in the results (e.g. DSQ or DNF), MS-Excel reported an error when opening the exported file. The problem was that the column in which the DSQ or DNF text data appeared normally contained numbers, and even cells with DSQ or DNF text were declared as numeric. LibreOffice did not report this error.
  • Importing racers from another race (in the edit racers) has been added, if the race has an Interval start, the possibility to convert the result of the racers in the race in addition to the tribal data of the racers. This is done by using the column Gap time. So it is a requirement to have it set in the source race. In addition, it is possible to specify whether all racers are imported or only those with OK status.
  • Change the way the information about a successfully manually added racer chip log is displayed (in the race results). Instead of displaying a message, the form for quick entry of the chip log will just turn green for a moment.
  • Added the ability to upload a custom image as a header for each page to the .pdf export. You can have the image resized to the width of the page or keep the original size and specify the alignment of the image (left, center, right).
  • Fixed a bug in the css definition – Chrome browser was crashing if, in the settings on the Race Start page, the user tried to move the sliders to set the Highlight Time or Hold Time with the mouse.
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