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version 22.4.1 (04/11/2022)

  • A better message (description of the problem) has been added in case a user tries to delete a chip that is used on a racer.
  • Change in processing of race result for racers who have DSQ or DNS status set. In these cases, the racer doesn’t even have the information from the particular segments displayed, nor is he counted in the rankings of the segments (he has no index). For a racer with DNF status, the information from the particular segments is displayed.
  • The Print function has been extended for HTML and HTML report types to allow you to download the results as a file. In the case of the HTML report type, the name of the report definition is included in the file name.
  • New definition for printing the list of competitors. This definition will include CSS definitions in the result. The resulting html file can then be used separately and independently.
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