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version 22.3.5 (03/19/2022)

  • Added support for a new optional field – registration number. You can use this field if you have competitors who are registered in some association and have some identification. On a race you need to enable this field on the Racers Settings tab (Use registration numbers option) and then this field is available on the racers of that race. The registration number field is then also visible in the race results.
  • The form used to edit the racer has been modified. The editing has been divided into several tabs – an Optional tab has been added, where mainly fields that the user can influence by options in the race definition (year of birth, date of birth, gender, category, reg. number, email and phone number) are entered.
  • Error (case) handling on the race results page. The error occurred when the use of category or gender entries was set on a given race. The user viewed the race results and applied grouping via category or gender entries and then deselected these entries in the race definition. The results page for that race then did not display the results at all. It now automatically switches to the ungrouped view.
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