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version 22.12.2 (12/19/2022)

  • The so-called Information Panels were added to the system. These can be used to display events (changes) from an ongoing race or races on one screen.
    A new Panels agenda has been created in which it is possible to administer Panels – i.e. add, edit and delete them. The agenda is available in the Racing menu. Each panel has a name, a colour/graphic theme and a specified number of rows and columns. The displayed panel will automatically expand (fit) to full screen. A panel that has the “Active” flag set can be displayed on a separate page. The information panel is basically a table of cells (number of rows x number of columns), and each cell contains a set of information corresponding to one event from one race (for one racer).
    E.g. that a racer has completed a certain segment, or that they have reached the finish line. The event is recognized by a change in the race result table. So the definition then specifies the race, and the entries from the result whose change (any change in them) is to produce a single display on the Info panel. That display is the set of data to be displayed – e.g., racer number, racer name, name of the segment completed, time spent in that segment, total time, and overall position.
    It is possible to specify more than one of these rules (event-response) in one Panel definition. The amount of information corresponding to one event also has its own structure – it is determined by headers (their labels and widths). Headers are defined on a separate tab and their widths are defined as a percentage of the total width available for the information of one event. If the total sum of the percentages exceeds 100%, it means that the information of one event will be arranged in multiple rows.
    It is therefore advisable to think about what data and what events we want to cover in a given information panel and design the headers with this in mind.
    In the displayed information panel there are icons at the bottom (left and right) that allow you to:

    1. Clear the contents of the information panel.
    2. Lock panel – ensure that any screensaver does not cause the screen to go blank.
    3. Change the graphic properties of the panel (theme, number of rows and columns).

    Clicking on the table of displayed information then switches to full-screen mode.

  • In connection with the addition of information panels, I have revised the way of notifications – i.e. what all will cause a recalculation of the result of a running race. Now even the racers editing will recalculate the results and notify the displayed results page of the recalculation if necessary.
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