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version 22.11.8 (11/28/2022)

  • Changes in the setup and use of possible chips for one racer in a given race. Added support for a fourth chip and renamed the originally named vehicle chip to 3rd chip. It is also possible to set in the race definition for the 2nd-4th chip whether it will not be used, or whether it will be used optionally (i.e. only for some racers in the race) or whether it will be mandatory for all racers in the race. In addition, in the definition of race segments, instead of setting whether the vehicle chip is used, it is possible to set whether the 2nd-4th chip is used (i.e. evaluated). The update will automatically convert the race and segment settings to use the new fields.
  • Add automatic resizing of the grid/table with segments in the race edit if the browser window is resized.
  • When a new segment is added, some fields are now automatically pre-filled. Set to use (evaluate) all chips used in the race, the antenna field will be preset to all antennas in that device, and the Duration will be set in the Flags.
  • On the race result page, the racer’s email and phone number can be made visible in the displayed table. These columns are hidden by default.
  • An optional ‘Additional Duration’ field can be added to the race. In the race definition, it is possible to set whether this item is used and possibly how it is labelled. It can then serve as a penalty, or a time (duration) from a previous race that we want to count towards the total time of this race. The values of this item can then be entered in the Racers edit and this is visible in the results of the race.
  • Now any change from the Racers Edit (after saving) will be immediately reflected in the current race – i.e. in the displayed results of the race.
  • Addition of optional support for the racer’s coefficient, which is used to multiply the racer’s Total Result Time (duration) to get the so-called Recalculated Time (duration). The use of this coefficient is set in the race definition and the coefficient is then entered from the Racers edit – the Coefficient column will be added. In the results, the column Recalculated time will also appear. There is also a Coefficient column available in the results for each racer, but the column is hidden by default.
  • Minor modification in the race results to make the Time Gap column right aligned.
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