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version 22.11.3 (11/05/2022)

  • Updates to third-party libraries.
  • Now in the WiFi Router Configuration, use spaces in the SSID entries (i.e. in the naming of your own wifi location, or in the naming of the hotspot location).
  • Addition of the ability to show and even print details if cycling is set on the race. So far, only summary information for all completed cycles (laps) for each racer was visible in this case. Now, if it is a race where cycling is set, the Detail column will be displayed in the results. On this column there is a clickable + symbol that (by clicking) shows or hides the rows with the information from the individual laps of the racer.
  • Fixed a bug that was occurring when exporting to .xls format if there were numbers in the table where a space was used as the thousands separator. This was the case, for example, when the results displayed the distance in meters.
  • Adding a prefix to the chip table. Until now, self-identification of a chip was only possible using a numeric entry. If it was necessary to register several different types of chips in the system, it was usually solved by starting chips of one type from the number 1 and other chips, for example triathlon chips, from the number 1001. Now it is possible to enter a character prefix in addition to the number when registering a chip. For example, for registering triathlon chips I use the prefix T. Then when entering chips to racers to identify the chip, instead of 1001, I just enter T1. Thanks to this extension, there have been adequate extensions in many places in the system – Chip Inventory, Chip Registration, Chip Deletion, Chip Export and Import, …
  • Optional use of the Country item in the selected race. It is now possible to configure the use of the Country item in race editing. Then in the racer edit of the race you need to fill in the Country entry. This entry is then also visible in the results of the race.
  • Replacing the Discipline entry with a Type entry in the race segment definition. In the original Discipline item it was possible to choose from many disciplines (run, bike, MTB, …) but it was not used for anything in the system and could only be confusing. The only discipline that affected the way the race results were calculated was Pause. So I deleted the Discipline entry and introduced the Type entry instead. In the Type item, there are only two options to choose from – Regular and Pause. If the Pause type is set on a segment, then that segment (the time spent on it) is not counted in the total race time. The Pause type is therefore used on segments where racers are not racing – e.g. waiting for the organiser to let them into the next segment.
  • Addition of another segment type – Hidden. Allows to solve the following situation. You need to set up a triathlon race that ends with two identical running laps. The racers will run through the same gate twice. This can easily be defined as two running segments. However, if you only wanted to see the total time for both running segments together in the results, this has not been possible so far. So now you set the Hidden type on the first run segment and the Regular type on the second run segment, and set the flags (i.e. what data you want to see in the results) there as well. The data from the second run segment will be calculated from the difference of the time of the second run segment and the time from the segment before the first run segment, because all the Hidden type segments are skipped.
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