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version 22.10.1 (10/13/2022)

  • Adding information to the race result. If categories or genders are used in the race, the ranking of individual racers within a category or gender or even a combination (gender and category) will be added to the race result that is calculated on the server. Then this data is also available when sending individual results. Until now, the ranking of racers within a category or gender was calculated only when displayed (in a table) on the client.
  • The column with the ranking that is displayed first in the results table is now not calculated on the client, but displays (depending on the grouping type) the corresponding data from the calculated results.
  • Fixed a bug when displaying RaceMeter pages using the Tor browser. Tor browser does not support working with audio – window.AudioContext. When trying to create window.AudioContext, an error occurred and the javascript did not continue. So now, if window.AudioContext cannot be created, the sound is not used.
  • When displaying the result of a race, information about the running activity (running cogs) is now displayed while data is being calculated or retrieved.
  • Fixed the get_locale function, which was also used in the report definition for the body of the individual results email. In case the function was not called from a user request, it ended up with an error and this subsequently caused the displayed results not to be updated in the case of sending individual results.
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