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version 22.1.3 (01/25/2022)

  • Solving the problem of updating multiple racer records in the “Edit racers” function. If chip numbers were swapped between existing racers within a single racers edition, a save error could occur that attempted to violate referential integrity.
  • Adding automatic tests of application functionality.
  • New way of installing new versions – the original solution did not take into account that third-party libraries could take longer to install. If it took too long to update libraries, the system would not restart itself. Since the next release will include a massive update of third-party libraries, the process of installing new versions has been modified so that it doesn’t matter. Additionally, if an installation is in progress, it blocks the page with the installation in progress from reloading.
  • After downloading a new version, the button for subsequent installation is visually highlighted.
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