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version 21.9.8 (09/27/2021)

  • use of the supported unicode character ‘check=✔’ – some browsers on some OSes displayed a rectangle instead of the character
  • better handling of button press responses (including the Start button) – e.g. sometimes false events and false start entries occurred due to the wobbles
  • addition of the ability to select start on the display even if it does not meet the time actuality. Pressing both buttons will switch the Starts page to start selection mode. In this mode, the buttons are used to scroll through the list of races. Pressing the Start button will then record the start of the selected race (or races if they have the same Scheduled Start Time). Exiting this mode is done either after the selected race has started or by pressing both buttons again.
  • in the race definition, if the Total Time column is selected, it is now also possible to set the Time gap column. Then in the results the column with the time gap from the first competitor (Loss) is displayed for each competitor.
  • added a function to the racers editing in the Imports menu that allows to import racers from another race
  • fix in validation in bulk racer editing – checking the uniqueness of racer numbers was not working correctly
  • complete all missing validations when saving racers in the Racers agenda
  • fix incorrect behavior (in certain situations) of column filters in tables – e.g. When hiding column filters, not all filters were reset, when setting the comparison type and then entering the value the filter did not work correctly
  • also in the race results it is now possible to change the order of columns as in the agendas
  • functions, which returns the default visibility to the columns now also sets the column order to the default state
  • a bug in the column filters that was manifesting itself when the user changed the column order by highlighting the wrong column as filtered has been fixed
  • now the ‘slave’ device uploads the start records to the ‘master’ device in addition to the chip log entries
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