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version 21.9.1 (09/04/2021)

  • addition – now after changing any data (including setting of the segments) in the race definition the results of the race will be recalculated if the results of the race are displayed or the race is set to send individual results
  • the system will automatically calculate at the start all not closed races that match the current date and time with their time constraints (start time and end time) – active races. In the case of a large number of pending races that did not have a set end date and time, if there were a large number of chip logs, there was quite a significant load on the whole system (>25%), because a large number of chip log records had to be gone through to evaluate each race. In order to avoid this, it is a good idea to close already completed races or at least to add the end time in them. In addition, the system now only processes pending active races at the start that have at least some individual results sending set up. Other races are only evaluated when the first user selects to view the results of that race.
  • when Scroll Page is started, a dialog now appears that allows you to set the scroll speed
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