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version 21.8.7 (08/19/2021)

  • change of wifi router settings in case it is not a ‘master’ device – it allows easier connection of several devices together
  • deleting chips in the chip agenda (in case of using from-to) now the boundary numbers will be included in the deletion
  • in chip registration it is now possible to enter the chip category
  • fixing a bug in Safari browser not recognizing the user’s language
  • in editing a race it is now possible to download the defined segments to a file and vice versa in editing another race it is possible to load the defined segments from a file
  • better labels in columns in race segments editing
  • manual addition of the chip entry for the racer has been extended with the possibility to enter the time since the start of the race
  • new way of filtering tables using data in individual columns, special editors are created for each type of entry when displaying column filters (date restrictions, enumerations, …)
  • manual addition of the chip entry for the racer is now also available on the results page of the race
  • simplified entry for manual addition of racer’s chip entries has been added to the race results page – no need to select the racer, just enter his valid start number
  • separation of the messaging configuration from the basic configuration, no need to restart the device after changes in the messaging configuration
  • in addition to sending emails using SMTP mailer, two more options have been added using the API (SocketLabs and SendGrid)
  • support for sending SMS using APIs (Vonage and Sinch) has been added
  • improvements to the Updates page
  • sending individual results is now also possible via SMS messages
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