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version 21.11.3 (11/19/2021)

  • improved report definition for printing of bib numbers
  • new report definition for printing bike numbers as saddle flags
  • update of the Slickgrid component to the latest version. The Slickgrid component is used in the bulk editing of racers and in the editing of race segments.
  • added functions (buttons) for copying from and to clipboard to the racers bulk edit page
  • support for communication between devices via the Tor network has been added – https://www.torproject.org/
  • time delay in individual starts is now displayed in hh:mm:ss format. It is also possible to enter the time in this format, but only seconds are also supported.
  • in the racers agenda the time delay is displayed and printed in the above format
  • in the race edition on the Segments tab, the minimum time of a segment is also edited in the hh.mm.ss format
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