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version 21.10.5 (10/19/2021)

  • better autocomplete menu positioning during bulk editing of racers
  • in the race definition it is now possible to define whether to enter the year of birth in the racer edit
  • in the filtering by columns in the Chip logs agenda, it is now possible to easily filter for selected antennas
  • added autocomplete for First Name, Last Name and Team fields
  • the automatic chip listings in the bulk edit of racers now do not offer chips that are already used in the race
  • full screen mode enhancement – the results and race entries pages now hide elements not needed for plain view
  • if the table is in Show All Rows mode the content now scrolls within the viewport – the header does not scroll
  • the page scroll function has been modified to only scroll through the table content and not the entire page
  • the current time is now not displayed on the results and race entries pages – only the race time
  • a message queue has been added to the system. All automatically sent individual results are sent through this message queue. In case of an error (e.g. internet unavailability), the message in the message queue is easily traceable and can be resent. The queue can be stopped and started again at any time. Messages that have been created during the stopped queue are resent when the queue is restarted. Messages in the queue can be filtered, viewed and deleted.
  • In the agenda tables (Chips, Races, Racers, Chip logs, Starts, Message Queue and Users) the option to set the display mode for all rows has been added
  • A new feature is now available on the race results page that allows you to resubmit individual results for a selected competitor or competitors
  • in the race results, the numbers (speed, distance), times and duration are now formatted with respect to the user’s language (comma vs. dot)
  • the Print function now uses a semicolon as a separator when printing to CSV – this is to avoid incorrect output when a comma is used as a decimal point in a given language
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