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version 21.10.3 (10/05/2021)

  • more detailed information about the currently displayed page has been added to the text of the browser tabs/window title
  • when entering a category entry (as in bulk entry of competitors, as well as in racer editing in the Racers agenda), the category texts used on the racers of a given race are now offered
  • in the bulk editing of racers, menus have been added to the Gender and Chip Numbers editors
  • the option to set the status of a racer (OK, DNF, DNS and DSQ) has been added. This setting can be done both from the competitors agenda and from the results page of a given race. Racers with a status other than OK are sorted to the bottom of the list in the race results and have a corresponding abbreviation in the Total index column instead of a number.
  • The results page now has functionality to add a chip log entry and set the status only if the race is not closed
  • Fixed a bug that could occur if the race was set to send individual results and the Gap time column was used. This bug caused the thread that updates intermediate results and sends individual results to be closed. Sending individual results is now handled in a separate thread.
  • Bug fix – it was not possible to delete a segment definition from a race
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